Last update June 15, 2019

The following terms and conditions govern the use of OKMatrix Ltd’s music application(OKMusician). Please read these terms and conditions carefully before downloading or using our application. By downloading or using this application you agree to comply with our terms of service and privacy policy.

You acknowledge that if you choose to share or make public some of your music works created with OKMatrix Ltd’s application you are then the distributor and you will hold all the responsibility for that activity. Use of this application shall not grant any rights or licenses to any copyrights or trademarks or any other intellectual property rights exploited in the application. OKMatrix Ltd takes no responsibility for possible claims made by a third party and OKMatrix Ltd is not responsible for users’ activities in general.

The OKMatrix Data Processing Addendum (DPA) forms an integral part of OKMatrix Terms of Service from 30th of June 2019 onwards. DPA can be viewed at

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