Guitar / Ukulele Sound Recognition Issues

OKMusician works with any real 6-string and 4-string instruments. You can use acoustic, electric, electroacoustic guitar / ukulele, and smart ukulele in standard tuning.

If you are having problems with recognition, check the following tips to troubleshoot.  They are listed in order. Start with the first one and if it doesn’t help, continue to the next one.

  1. Make sure you tune your guitar with the in-app tuner. If you tune your guitar / ukulele with a different tuner, you may have recognition issues in OKMusician.
  2. Check that the app volume or background noise is not too loud. Try connecting wired headphones without a built in microphone, to your device.
  3. Please make sure you have allowed OKMusician to access your device microphone:


    To enable microphone on iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) go to SettingsPrivacyMicrophone on your device.


    If OKMusician does NOT have access to the microphone when you first launched the app, you see a pop up to "Allow OKMusician to record audio". You can enable the microphone access by tapping "ALLOW". You can also go to the app properties on your device, and enable microphone access via SettingsAppsOKMusicianPermissionsMicrophone.

  4. For Android devices, try re-calibrating audio via "Avatar" → Settings → Advanced Settings → Audio Setup. Ensure your device microphone delay time less than 1000 ms, if NOT, please check this video for the detailed solution:

Note: If you continue to have recognition issues, feel free to contact our support team at service(at)

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